Cambodia is a one party dominant state with the Cambodian People’s Party in power. Opposition parties do exist, but are widely considered to have no real chance of gaining power.

NEC-election-Tep Nitha

Tep Nitha, NEC

Currently represented in the Cambodian Parliament  2008 – 2013.

Party Abbr. National Assembly Senate Leader Ideology
Cambodian People’s Party
Kanakpak Pracheachun Kâmpuchéa
CPP 90 46 Chea Sim Social democracyDemocratic socialismReformism
Sam Rainsy Party
Kanakpak Sam Rainsy
SRP 26 11 Sam Rainsy LiberalismNationalismLiberal democracy
Human Rights Party
Kanakpak Sethi Manuth
HRP 3 0 Kem Sokha ProgressivismNationalismLiberal democracy
FP 2 0 Keo Puth Rasmey ConservatismRoyalismNationalism
Cambodian Parties in Parliament

Cambodian Parties in Parliament 2008 -2013.

Cambodian Parties registered (and recognized) for Elections 2013.

(Status: May 18, 2013)

Main Political Programs of the Cambodian Parties.

Additional Parties:

The Nationalist Party

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